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Pinterest Holiday Party

17 Dec

Good Morning to all of you! I’m happy you’ve come by to see me today. After the massacre on Friday, I don’t think I can bring myself to do my usual light-hearted posts. My heart goes out to all those effected by that monster who killed so many innocent people. I know how it feels to be a victim of tragedy — life doesn’t seem fair and you feel like there is no way any of this is real, but unfortunately, it is. No words, gestures or cards can take the pain away of losing someone you love unexpectedly. When people would tell me “life will get easier, just give it time,” I secretly wanted to tell them they have no idea what they’re talking about…. but they were right in a way. Life moves on and dwelling on what could have been prevented isn’t going to bring a person back.

If I knew someone effected by the shooting in Newtown, I think I’d tell them they will think about their loved one every day for the rest of their life and time will help you heal… but there is no rush to get back into your normal routine because that man stole what your normal life used to be. Moving forward, all you can do is tell the ones you love how important they are to you and try not to have hate in your heart for what has happened. I know that’s easier said than done…

So I’m not going to do a recipe post today but I’m asking for some help from you. I’ll be attending a Holiday Themed Pinterest Party this Thursday with some of my girl friends. We’ve all agreed to bring a sweet or savory dish we’ve seen on pinterest. I still have yet to decide what I want to make.. there is so much out there to choose from!

Do you have a recipe you think I would like? Or what about a great pin you’ve found and love? Please post in my comments section or better yet, head to my facebook page and post there. I’ll re-pin the recipes to a special board called Pinterest Holiday Party.

Have a good week, my friends.