16 Nov

It’s my weekly installment of #FollowFriday. This really is one of the most fun posts I get do on my little blog. I love doing some blog stalking and picking out my favorite posts! This week, take a look at Je Suis Alimentageuse! Don’t worry, you’ll be able to read her blog. Just the title is kinda frenchy.

I was drawn to Lisa’s blog for the unique title. She had made a couple comments on The Tasty Fork, and I was curious to see if I had a potential French Blogger Friend who would let me come visit. Lisa is from Canada, not France, but she’s still my first International Blogger Buddy! Alimentageuse is a word she created which means, “likes to eat a lot.” She’s a blogger after my own heart. 🙂

Another thing about Lisa, she’s been a vegetarian for almost a year. All of her recipes are based on a vegetarian or vegan diet. Sometimes I wonder how people give up meat, but after looking at Lisa’s food photos and recipes, I could see why she doesn’t need it. All of her pictures are rich with color and the recipes are healthy. I’m going to need some healthy recipes after Thanksgiving, so I’ll be sure to check out what Lisa is making.

The recipes I picked on Je Suis Alimentageuse are things that could work into Thanksgiving and the upcoming holiday season. Here are my top 5 favorites!

1. Butternut Squash & Carrot Soup


I LOVE soup! And this soup looks so pretty! It comes together really easy if you have an immersion blender.

2. Avocado Pesto Grilled Cheese


Warm, melty cheese, creamy avocado and fresh pesto… Sounds like a gourmet sandwich to me!

3. Peach Apricot Mango Iced Tea


I’m sure this would be great in the summer but I’d love to serve this as an option at a holiday party!

4. Spinach Dip


There is no excuse for store-bought spinach dips. This recipes puts anything else I’ve eaten to shame. Make it!

5. Healthier Chocolate Fudge


Yes, you read the title of the recipe correct… Healthier Fudge. Check out the recipe to see how Lisa did it.

Doesn’t Lisa make Vegetarian look good?? Besides visiting Je Suis Alimentageuse, you can stay up to date Lisa’s latest by:

I recently created my own pin boardto highlight all of my favorite recipes from #followfriday. How can you be my Featured #FollowFriday Blogger next week? It’s easy! All I have to know is know about you! Make comments on my blog, get active in Link Parties or take drool worthy pictures. (I’m easily distracted by yummy looking food!) If you are featured, all I ask is for you to tell you fans & followers you were featured on The Tasty Fork.

Have a great weekend! See you on Monday!


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